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Teeth Whitening

You can get a 30-minute Zoom!® in-office cleaning that will immediately whiten your teeth by 4 shades! Perfect for coffee and wine lovers!

We also offer take-home trays (specially molded to fit your teeth) with refills, so you can adjust as you want!

Teeth Cleaning

Your insurance probably covers this twice a year!
It’s super important for your mouth and even your heart, as bacteria can get into your bloodstream.

Our hygienists also do deeper cleanings and fluoride for better dental health!


To prevent cavities from getting worse, you might need fillings.

We offer pain-free service with material that blends into the coloring of your teeth!

Invisalign / Snap-On-Smile

For your smile and your health, you might want to consider orthodontia.

We are certified providers of clear braces, so you can get the smile you want!

Emergency Dentistry

Call us 24/7 to see how we can help. We even perform oral surgery on weekends, so can get you feeling right.


We use the best labs for high-quality dentures that will fit!

We also have a dentures specialist whom you can see for adjustments!


These can get you the perfect smile! And our dentists have the advanced coursework to get your work done!

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2027 3rd Ave, Dental Storefront (111th and 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10029



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